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1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton sparks concern after she posts from hospital bed after reaching 639 pounds

Sisters star Tami Slatton, who weighs 1,000 pounds, has left fans concerned about her safety after she shared a post from a hospital bed after weighing 639 pounds.

Tammy and her sister Amy Slaton participated in the show documenting their journey to losing and maintaining weight.

  Tammy Slatton left fans worried after sharing a post from inside the hospital


Tammy Slaton left fans worried after sharing a post from inside the hospital Credit: Tammy Slatton/Instagram
  She has been struggling to lose weight Weight and Maintain It, Documenting the Struggle for Television


She was Struggling to Lose and Maintaining Weight, Documenting the Struggle for Television Credit: TLC

Tammy Drew Anxious after sharing a series of posts From inside what appeared to be a hospital. Include captions and did not respond to fan comments.

Tammy didn't say anything in her latest post, but seemed to be in good spirits, catching her face from several angles.

One fan commented: "Take care of yourself." It works hard and it pays off. You deserve to live an amazing healthy life walking around, playing with your nephew and doing all things. And most importantly, you deserve to be happy and to be loved by someone who appreciates you. I continue! this !!

In December, she took a picture

of herself and a man she thought was a friend, in what looked like a hospital room. Who thought he might be another suitor.

During the December episode of the TLC reality show, which aired prior to Tammy's participation, Her struggle with weight is revealed.

After leaving food addiction rehab, Tammy weighed 15 pounds heavier than when she entered.

Her brother Chris, who visited the doctor with her, noted that "Tami doesn't do what you need it. the heart. "

Tami was trying to lose weight to reach her goal of 550 lbs. But the scale reads 639 lbs.

" I'm not happy with that. I hate her. She said, "I hate it." 19659002] Bender came after Tammy decided to leave food addiction rehab early.

A clip from the episode was shared on Instagram, with fans sharing their concerns. “…we had just been drinking, using e-cigarettes…as a teenager, I didn’t do any partying. I was very shy about my weight and didn’t have a lot of friends…” it would be me…” the reason for me , if you eat something like pizza or pizza rolls, the bread absorbs the alcohol and helps the grease so we don't get hungry.”

One commenter wrote: “The show should be cancelled. She doesn’t take her health seriously.

” Even from the passages that I saw her feel like we were watching her die.”

A third commentator wrote: “How you vaporize oxygen on your nose! She doesn't care about her life.” Users and enablers. Tammy, you need to be away from TV and social media so you can focus on your recovery. Nobody wants to see you don't try!

  She did not respond to fan comments about her whereabouts


She did not respond to fan comments about her whereabouts Credit: Tammy Slaton/instagram


Tami and her sister Amy Slatton have taken fans on a weight loss journey Credit: TLC
 Tami was recently admitted to rehab for her food addiction


Tami recently entered rehab for her food addiction Credit: TLC
Tammy Slatton 1000lbs worrying after she evaporated, took shots and ate pizza while on the oxygen machine

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