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Weight Loss

Best fitness tech and weight-loss devices to enhance your workout

Time to Upgrade Your Home Workout (Photo:

Looking to shift a few pounds or work on your health and fitness?

These non-surgical tools can make weight loss easier. Track your progress.

Check out some of the best below. If you haven't heard of blood flow restriction (BFR) training, you might consider it blockage training.

Used to increase muscle size and strength, and aid in recovery, the BFR involves placing tight belts around your limbs during resistance training.

These tapes allow oxygenated blood to flow to the muscles while restricting what goes back to the heart. The blood remains in the muscles, causing them to swell, and metabolites responsible for muscle growth are released.

The BFR achieves the results you get from higher intensity and higher loads while working with lighter weights.

Hytro specializes in BFR fitness equipment and within their Performance TechWear range are training jerseys for men and women that have integrated belts.

from £99,

HigherDOSE Sauna Blanket

Fat Loss While Relaxing (Photo: HigherDOSE)

Increasing number Celebrities, from Jennifer Aniston to Leonardo DiCaprio have been interested in the benefits of infrared saunas. It has become such a trend that searches for sauna blankets increased by 20,600% last year.

One of the best we've tried was from HigherDOSE. Each blanket is like a sleeping bag, and once you curl up inside, the built-in infrared technology increases the thermal energy of your body.

This promotes increased blood flow, making you sweat as if you were exercising all the time while lying down.

In addition to detoxing benefits, increasing blood circulation provides nutrients to your muscles to aid recovery.

It also helps burn calories because your body needs energy to respond to changes in temperature.



Lumen uses a breath analyzer to hack your metabolism

from us eating habits or trying to undo the damage done About festive feasts. Designed to help you "hack" your metabolism, Lumen analyzes the levels of carbon dioxide in your breath to tell you if your body is getting its energy from burning fats or carbohydrates.

From this, Lumen suggests meal plans, advises what food you should eat and calculates whether you have enough energy before engaging in a workout. A diet is for you, and it doesn't tell you to cut out entire food groups. Instead, Lumen tracks the metabolic flexibility to take advantage of nutrients and add moderation to diets.

It takes a long time but we have noticed an improvement in our sleep habits and general energy levels, as well as feeling less tired.

from £249,

SixPad Foot Fit

Foot Fit sends targeted electrical impulses to your muscles (Photo: SixPad)

It might look like Vibration plate but SixPad's Foot Fit is a targeted fitness solution for the lower leg. This makes it ideal for runners, cyclists, or people with circulation problems. Muscles in tonal belts.

When used on the feet, the pulsations help stimulate, train and strengthen the muscles of the feet, calves, calves and thighs, while improving circulation and balance. It feels odd but not annoying and the Foot Fit can be used while sitting at your desk.


Beurer EM 39 2-in-1 Abdominal and Back Belt

Target your back and abs at the same time (Photo: Beurer)

There are countless toning belts, but few target your abs and back as the EM39 2-in-1 from Beurer does.

The belt can be used alone or during exercise to strengthen the central and lateral abdominal muscles, as well as the central back muscles. It's also the only belt we've been able to put on correctly the first time and every time.


Tangram Rookie Smart Rookie

Smart rope jumping (Photo: Tangram)

TikTok was full of hoops Smart but smart jump ropes like Tangram's Rookie are the next big thing.

You can customize the length of the Rookie to suit your height or goals. For example, making the rope shorter causes a more intense jump.

You can track your jumping habits on the app. Judging by our Apple Watch, we burn more calories from skipping ten minutes than jogging for 30 minutes on the treadmill.


EUFY C1 Smart Scale

Track Your Progress (Photo: EUFY C1)

Anyone looking to get Shape knows that it's not just pounds lost or gained. The most effective way to track progress is to monitor percentages, body measurements, muscle mass, and fat around your organs – and more. Tracking everything is possible with the EUFY C1 scales. The higher the resistance, the more fat you will have and the scales show your body measurements. and Google Fit and Fitbit.


Reviber Fusion Vibration Plate Exercise

Tone with a Vibration Plate (Photo: Reviber)

If you're looking to tone up and get the most out of every workout, a vibrating board like Reviber's Fusion is a great place to start. When you sit or stand on the board, it sends vibrations through your body.

Your muscle fibers respond to these vibrations to keep you stable, and these contractions are similar to those that occur during exercise. This alone has been shown to increase blood flow, improve flexibility and reduce muscle soreness.

You unknowingly put in more effort into your workout, which causes the amount of energy used to increase. The quiet, flat Reviber board comes with resistance bands.


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