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Everything you need to know about exercising when doing Veganuary

Did you go vegan this month? Here's how to fuel your body (Photo: Getty/iStockphoto)

Eating vegan is a common challenge that sees people switch to veggies for the first month of the year. Even stick to vegan clothing and beauty products — even vegan products dating — throughout the entire month of January. A challenge is a great way to reset your habits, and focus on both your health and the environment at the start of the year. You may have joined more spin classes this month, or gone out to do more regular spins, but this is the month you spend most of our fitness bouts.

But how does a vegetarian diet affect your body when you are exercising? Is it possible to give yourself enough fuel to perform at your best, and recover efficiently? BrandRated . "A vegan diet consisting of only fruits and vegetables, while healthy as it may sound, will never do you any good when compared to a varied plant-based diet, full of different nutrients and healthy fats." Exercise to support my new diet? Georgia says. You already have a regular exercise routine, so there is no need to adapt too much or reduce the level of exercise, but instead focus on the foods you eat before and after your workout.

“Before a workout session, focus on carbohydrates, as carbohydrates provide an adequate boost of energy. Foods such as bananas, lentils, and oats, as well as leafy greens are great options for pre-workout meals as they will help increase energy levels and stamina.”

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A vegan diet can provide the energy you need to exercise (Photo: Getty/iStockphoto)

If you've done exercises at a similar intensity level before and have noticed a drop in your stamina levels since you became vegan, or Your recovery takes longer, and this may be a sign that you need to include more nutritious foods in your diet, rather than conditioning your workout.

“Look for ways you can incorporate more carbohydrates and protein-rich plant foods into your diet,” advises Georgia.

“Because plant foods are generally low in carbohydrates, it is recommended to choose foods that are naturally high in carbohydrates, such as potatoes, as this will help increase energy levels.” 19659019] If you already have an exercise routine, you don't need to modify your routine. Instead, make sure you are eating the right foods including protein and carbohydrates. Although vegans are commonly believed to have low energy levels, this is not the case, as research shows that a vegan diet boosts energy and helps reduce recovery time. Two of my New Year's resolutions — exercise more and be vegan — are a great way to start 2022 feeling fitter and healthier than before, yet Georgia advises taking it slowly.

"If you've never exercised before, or if you're back in exercise after a long break, rushing into a high-intensity exercise routine is never a good idea, regardless of whether you're vegan or not.

" Your body needs to build muscle and gradually increase its capacity.” Starting a workout routine should be a marathon, not a sprint.

“As a general rule, vegetarians should aim to get about 1.4 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day, at Although this can increase depending on your activity level.”

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