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How to eat vegan on a budget

Help the Planet, Help Your Health, Help Your Bank Balance (Image: Getty)

We're in the middle of the month and vegan Well underway.

Whether you're entirely plant-based, or you're cutting back on animal products this month – well done continue to stick with it and get that far.

Choosing a vegan diet is becoming more and more popular. However, there is often a concern that it is more expensive than a meat-eating system – some vegan alternatives are pricey, and if you don't plan your meals well, you may end up shelling out a bit. But with a little creativity and forward planning, a vegan diet doesn't have to be more expensive.

Fi at ThinkMoney has put together some expert tips to help you cut costs, so if you want to try a vegan diet — or continue beyond January — nothing is stopping you:

Cook fresh food

"As much as As convenient and time-saving as buying processed foods can be, not only will they often be full of preservatives, but they're usually more expensive," Fay says.

She adds that cooking from fresh foods will allow you to get creative with your food. .

“There are often meals that use some of the same ingredients,” Fay says. "Cooking these in the same week will help reduce your shopping list so you can shop on a budget and use everything you bought." Start looking for vegan deals (Photo: Getty)

“As being vegan becomes increasingly popular, supermarkets are offering more products to fit the diet,” Fay explains.

“It pays to shop to see what each store has to offer to see the best deals. You can also stock up on any items for sale.”

“You can stock up on blocks of key ingredients like tofu, rice, noodles, or soy sauce,” she says. "Any items that are not well preserved can often be frozen." You don't have to let your food go to waste.

“There are many recipes available for bean salads or soups that you could use,” Fay says.

Take a look online, there are plenty of resources – like The Vegan Society – that have great recipes and ideas if you need some inspiration.

Cooking dry beans

You have to soak them overnight – but it's worth the effort (Photo: Getty/Westend61) [19659003] Cooking with dry beans can take time So long as you'll need to soak them first, but Fay says there are many benefits to doing so, rather than choosing ready-made beans.

“It is much cheaper to buy a large bag of dried beans, you can cook them all at once and then freeze for another time,” she says. . You can use this to make all kinds of things, like mayonnaise and meringue. Not if you make your own. Salad dressings, spice blends, and nut butters you can make. You can also experiment with fermentation to make fresh sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented beets to add to your meals. They're great for your gut too.”

Grow Your Own

You have green fingers, so why not try growing your own herbs?” Fay suggests.

She says it can be expensive to buy fresh herbs every time you want to use them, and they don't last very well either.

“Then why not put a few pots of your favorite herbs on the windowsill to grow on your own,” she says. "If you have space in your garden, you can even try growing some fruits or vegetables as well." (Image: Getty)

We all know cut berries aren't cheap, and picking them yourself can be a great way to save some cash.

“When the season is right, picking fruit is a great way to store it for free,” Fay says. “So if you have any blackberry bushes nearby, make the most of them.

“You can always freeze the fruit to add to smoothies or pies later.” Always buy and you can't see yourself living without it, but actually They often taste very similar to the supermarket brand version, but for a fraction of the cost, Fay says.

Another reason to check out supermarket brand products, she says, is that their lower budget alternatives are often vegan-friendly. Without mentioning it.

"For example, if you checked the ingredients, they might have chosen vegetable oil or margarine instead of butter because it would be cheaper ingredients, but it's also vegan."?

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