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I love my plus-size body – I was gutted to be told to lose weight for my health

My weight for my size hasn't been something that has been a priority for me for a long time (Photo: Vicki Head)

"Mrs. Wallace, We regret to report that we are unable to offer life insurance based on On the results of my recent medical tests.From homelessness and surviving domestic violence to creating a business that not only changes people's lives, but enables me and my family to create the stability and security we deserve. Weight, BMI, and blood tests, my body was such a huge responsibility that No insurance company provides me enough coverage to protect any of them Me, my kids will go back to where we started: Not at all

The risk was so great that the insurance company pleaded with me to speak with my doctor as soon as possible to investigate the results of I was horrified of what the meeting would reveal.

Upon thinking, I was tired and short of breath but too afraid to think of anything other than just stress and tension. I needed to do something quickly. I couldn't stand the thought of waiting for something bad to happen. It scared me to take action and was this fee A is to perform surgery. (Photo: Danny Wallace)

My weight in terms of volume has not been something of a priority for me for a long time. Ridding myself of the ingrained fat phobia that society puts on us that deals with the idea that I needed to change my body, and so quickly, I felt weird. I flew in the face of my progress in terms of accepting my body. Loving our bodies isn't something we – especially women – are conditioned to do, especially when we are considered plus-size or "overweight".

To embrace my size, and show up in the world without apology, it took a huge amount of work. In fact, since I spent much of my late teens and early twenties singing and dancing all over the world, I've always maintained a relatively average volume. In deterioration after experiencing a series of relationship breakdowns, domestic violence and homelessness. I was doing my best to stay alive and it was hard to focus on anything but keeping my head above the water. I was called by names on the street and on the Internet. My ex-girlfriends used the fact that I gained weight as a way to control me. I find the way we, as a society, deal with marginalized bodies repugnant and the diet culture incredibly destructive, but here I was finding myself in a situation where I, in my case, had to openly lose weight.

There was no hiding this from the people around me and I felt awful. What if people think I'm a hypocrite? I do not want to be forced to lose weight: I am a mature woman who is completely independent in dealing with her body. However, after meeting with my doctors, and after further examinations and tests, it became clear that my health, in fact, my very life, was in danger. my weight. This included stage 3 fatty liver disease, high cholesterol, heart and breathing problems – not to mention an increase in my joints and mobility issues in general. I don't mean to worry you, but you will need to make some drastic changes in your life to improve your health and life expectancy. The issues you have are silent killers. Research into obesity, its causes and how to combat it. As many obese people know, I realized that it wasn't as simple as moving more and eating less. By Jason Fung, I began learning about the hormones associated with weight loss and weight gain, and the ways I can use this understanding to my advantage.

Time was really of the essence and after a lot of soul searching I felt that surgery was my best option.Although bariatric surgery is drastic for most people, it is a proven way to combat this problem because it It directly affects the hormonal aspect of weight gain, retention and weight loss in a relatively fast way.It is performed by keyhole surgery under general anesthesia and results in 80% of the stomach being removed leaving only a small pouch to receive food.The volume of food you can eat has decreased dramatically And it's a life change .

You will notice that I said fast and not easy.As I write this,I am three weeks after surgery and it hasn't been clear at all.I found that turkey, in particular, It has specialized hospitals in this field that have achieved remarkable results. They came highly recommended and were a fraction of the price, compared to the UK. You paid £3,000 for the surgery while in the UK you can pay between £9,000 and £14,000 depending on where you live. I didn't want to put more pressure on an already struggling healthcare system. This was my problem and I was going to sort it out. I wanted to approach my decisions in celebration of myself. My body, after all, has driven me through the darkest of times and I wanted to take a moment to appreciate it before it changed forever.

With this in mind, prior to the surgery, I reached out to some artists and photographers, asking for their opinion on the different ways I could document and celebrate my journey, both before and after surgery.

I finally decided to have a body mold made by an artist who specializes in resin and plaster casting, as well as a boudoir shoot, where I'm photographed in my underwear.

I wanted to prove to myself that a body can still be sexy, no matter how big it is. 19659003] I drove 215 miles to Slough all the way from Preston and did a photo shoot on the same day, just two weeks before traveling to Turkey. In the case of body casting, I felt like I was regaining control of my body. Ian, the artist from Life Body Casting, sent me photos while the cast is in progress.

It was finished in gold lacquer and it was amazing. Seeing my body as a work of art was very powerful. But I trusted the team I chose, so I traveled to a clinic in Istanbul on December 27, just two days before my birthday. I cried when the plane took off, suddenly worried that I was going to die or that I had made the wrong decision.

My friend, who joined us for moral support, arrived at Istanbul Airport and was picked up by the hospital staff and taken to the hospital. It was spacious and comfortable. I was taken for pre-operative examinations, including a chest x-ray, a complete abdominal ultrasound, a blood test and a height and weight check.

I settled down in the evening and tried to sleep a little. In the morning I was woken up for my final checkups and the doctors reviewed the results of my previous operation and told me I would go to the operating room around 10 am.

The surgery only took 45 minutes and before I knew it the nursing staff kindly brought me over.

I felt relieved when I woke up and knew everything was going to be okay. Pain medication.

Once the drains were removed, my incisions were checked and I met a dietitian for training on my diet From now on, I was discharged from the hospital to recuperate in the comfort of a local hotel.

Gastric surgery requires a gradual return to eating solid food I have discovered a new appreciation for what I eat.

Connecting with myself by documenting where I underwent before surgery helped me see the importance of loving myself at every stage of my life, and motivated me to continue to do so proactively and deliberately, rather than just accepting that this is who I am now.

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