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I only wash my baby’s reusable nappies once a week, yes they stink but I’m used to it

MUM revealed that she only washes her baby's reusable diapers once a week — she allows them to pile up in the laundry basket, which she says "smelly," before washing them once a week. Her followers are how she manages the laundry while choosing reusable nappies over disposable nappies. : @the.clarks/Tiktok

 She said the laundry bag


She said the laundry bag is "stinky" Credit: @the.clarks/Tiktok

In an older video, the mother said She washes her baby's cloth diapers once a week, and one commenter was shocked by this routine. She responded to the comment confirming that the diapers smelled.

She said, "It smelled so bad when I threw it in the washing machine. Imagine having urine and fecal residue sitting there for seven days.

"So yeah, it smells bad. But the point is that after I've washed and dried it, it doesn't smell bad at all. In the laundry basket for a few days.

“After the first wash is done, remove them from the sides, then add a little detergent in hot water this time because I really think the second wash is the cleanest wash.” However, I determined that the full laundry bag A diaper doesn't cause room to smell – it only smells bad when you empty it into the washer. Throw it in the washer, not when it's sitting in a bag in the room." One critical commentator said…just wash them, while another wrote: "Why do you wait seven days?" To wash clothes?" Do you wash your normal clothes in the same washing machine? , one asked, and another said, "I'm going to need a separate washer for all of that." The environment is using reusable diapers. .

In addition, one mother reveals that she has been celebrating her son's birthday on the wrong day for two years . Looks like a food store .

Mom comes up with a great hack to make nappy changes faster and easier

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