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I picked a unique name for my 9th baby

A MUM-OF-NINE explained she was worried about the name she gave her youngest daughter, as she thought people may see it on a job application and assume she’s “a chav”.

The mother said that she picked the name for her child as she thought it was a lovely sentimental decision.

The mum named her daughter Raya but was now worried it was too 'chavvy'


The mum named her daughter Raya but was now worried it was too ‘chavvy’Credit: Getty

She now regretted the choice as she was concerned people hiring for jobs would judge her daughter.

Taking to Mumsnet she said: “[My ninth daughter] is called Raya.

“Her elder brothers both have traditional, biblical names and that was the plan for her, but [her father] died just before she was born and she ended up with a ‘tribute’ name, which I also thought was lovely. Hormones.

“She likes her name and no issues at school apart from the millions of other names ending with ‘aya’ and ‘iya’, but I have had a sense of dread that she’ll be denied job opportunities or friendships because she’s being seen as a chav – or at least someone of a lower class.

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“What if everyone hiring is a Millie or a Hugo and they see Raya on her CV?

“Of course there’s not much we can do now apart from steer her to use her traditional middle name??”

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Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their thoughts on the situation.

One person said: “I think it’s a genuinely beautiful name.”

While another said: “I don’t think Raya sounds ‘chavvy’ at all!”

A third said: “It’s a normal enough sounding name, but I also know plenty of successful people with much more unusual names.

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“My optician last week was Porsche and she seemed to be getting along just fine in life.”

Another agreed: “Raya is lovely. It would only raise eyebrows if you’d gone for weird spelling like Rayaaa but Raya is perfect.”

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