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I was getting mountain goats tattooed on my foot but had to stop half way

Whether it's an embarrassing misspelling or a Magaluf's regret, sometimes getting a tattoo can be risky or lead to disappointment. With an unfinished tattoo that unfortunately looked like a tribute to a fast food chain.

Daisy had to leave her inking session halfway and was left with a patchy tattoo that unfortunately looked like a tribute to a fast food chain Credit: TikTok / @daisylovesick
 TikTok user explained how she was getting mountain goats tattooed on her feet when Had to dash in the middle of an inking session


TikTok user explained how she was tattooing the feet of a mountain goat when she had to do it h in the middle of an inking session Credit: TikTok/@daisylovesick

To TikTok Daisy explained, "So I was getting a mountain goat tattoo on my foot and had to stop halfway.

We couldn't finish the other one, and so I ended up with a tattoo on my foot that said 'I jump' .” From the session because of the pain, but we had to stop the inking session because “something happened.” ] But unfortunately for Daisy, "I Hop" is also the name of the International Pancake House.

Many of her social media followers rushed to the comments section to notice the restaurant's amusing sign. Do this on purpose – that's amazing. One joked, while the second sarcastically said: “I hope you finish it one day!”

A third added: “Did you jump out of the session?” The other was in an accident, otherwise you predicted the future in the funniest way.” Regarding the reference to the International Pancake House ]Credit: TikTok / @daisylovesick

On the tattoo topic, one woman got a 17-year-old inked because it was fashionable, but now regrets that she knows six people the same .

Elsewhere, this woman spent her last £60 on tattoos but ended up crooked and has an embarrassing double sexual meaning .

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