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I’m a gardening expert and there are planting pots that you should NEVER use – check to see if they’re in your backyard

SOME popular items are better off left out of your garden – and the answer might surprise you.

Though terracotta pots have been a longtime garden staple for many, one expert advises that the clay containers could dry out your plants.

The gardening YouTuber says that


The gardening YouTuber says thatCredit: YOUTUBE/Pickard Home & Garden
The lack of flexibility in terracotta pots can cause roots to stick to the bottom


The lack of flexibility in terracotta pots can cause roots to stick to the bottomCredit: YOUTUBE/Pickard Home & Garden

According to Pickard Home & Garden, terracotta pots will ruin your plants by drying them out and by damaging the roots.

“I will never recommend using pots like this when you’re growing plants from seeds,” gardening YouTuber Meryem says.

The gardener goes on to say that the material can dry out your plants as clay absorbs water, meaning that you’ll have to tend to them constantly.

She also says that the lack of flexibility in the popular pots can cause roots to stick to the bottom when you try to transfer the plant into other containers or into the ground.

“I don’t really love this pot. They are not good pots at all.”

The woman struggles on camera to move her dill plants out of the terracotta pots and into the ground.

Instead of these cheap items, she recommends using plastic planting pots.

Another gardening expert named Madeline, who runs the small business Mad Plant Finds, says that the pots break easily.

She also explained: “Some people like terra-cotta, but I don’t cause you to have to water more often usually (clay absorbs water) and I’m a lazy plant parent.”

Because clay absorbs so much liquid, terracotta pots can easily grow white mold or mildew.

You can keep your plants healthy by filling the bottoms of planters with old cans and newspapers.

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Besides planting your seeds in the wrong type of pot, it’s also possible to plant them in the wrong spot of your yard – but one gardening expert knows where you should place your flowers.

In other gardening news, you can help your brown lawn in the summer turn green again by fixing a few common mistakes when taking care of your grass.

Terracotta can dry out your plants because clay absorbs water


Terracotta can dry out your plants because clay absorbs waterCredit: YOUTUBE/Pickard Home & Garden

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