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James Argent plans to gain half a stone and bulk up after weight loss

James Arg Argent plans to 'get bigger' after losing 13 stones: (Photo: Rex; James Arg/Instagram) after shedding an incredible 13 stones in nine months. He warned that he would die if no change was made in his life. ] But after a year of working out and changing his diet, he's now at 14 stone and looking to put some back on again, after revealing his slim figure at an outdoor pool in Essex in January.

Arg admitted to The Mirror that he "missed a little more than I wanted". He now plans to "get more harmony, increase the volume a bit, maybe even put in half a stone." Instagramreal_arg)

After gastric sleeve surgery, eating too quickly can make Arg feel unwell, so he should eat carefully with 20p coin-sized spoons and chew for 20 seconds before taking the next oral dose, or

said: "Sometimes I go hungry like I did before. When that happens you eat too fast. It makes you feel stiff and sick which is very uncomfortable. The reality star is used to it. '19659016] Arg used gastric sleeve surgery, new diet and regimen 13 Stone Loss Workout (Photo: ITV/REX)

Arg is still getting used to his new personality, saying he's "alive" again and feeling "confident, energetic, happy and healthy." since when. After a moment the doctors told him that he was awaiting execution. ] “I would like to thank everyone who helped me on my weight loss journey. When I look in the mirror, I am finally happy with the man who looked at me again. He only came out after dark .

Talks about the baggy woman with his mother Patricia Argent, recalling the "huge turning point" when Patricia entered his room and cried because she did not recognize her son.

Arg spoke openly with his mother about his eating disorder on Loose Women ITV/REX/Shutterstock) [19659004]'It was during the day and I was very tired and very uncomfortable, get involved. I remember you saying, "I don't recognize my son." A celebrity's story, video, or photos communicate with the entertainment team uk by emailing us, calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting send stuff – we'd love to hear from you.]

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