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Michael Gove divorce latest – Tory MP & journalist Sarah Vine ‘separate’ after ‘drifting apart’ ending 20-year marriage


In a piece about former health secretary Matt Hancock’s resignation, Vine write about how Westminster life can drive a wedge between partners.

In a revealing column, she said: “It is very hard to do these high-level, high-pressure, high-stakes jobs unless you have someone prepared to take up the reins in every other department of your life. 

“But the problem is that inevitably sets you on different tracks. You become so entrenched in your respective roles that you begin to drift apart.

“Westminster is a place of myriad distractions for the politician seeking refuge from his or her home life.

“And when you feel disconnected like that, and because power is such an aphrodisiac, it doesn’t take a huge leap of imagination to see how you can go from being happily married to the kind of person who gets caught so unfortunately on CCTV. Hancock’s behaviour may be shocking, but given the context it is entirely predictable.”

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