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My flat is ravaged by rats & mould

A tenant whose apartment was destroyed by rats and mold now faces being left homeless after complaining to their landlord about the appalling conditions. North Tyneside since he moved 18 months ago. 18 months Credit: NCJMedia

 Mark said he was dealing with a rat infestation, a block of damp and freezing conditions


Mark said he was dealing with a rat infestation, a block of damp and freezing conditions Credit: NCJMedia
 Mark said he feels like


Mark said he feels "trapped" in his Wallsend apartment Credit: NCJMedia

He moved from South Shields in hopes of finding safe housing – But I did encounter rat infestation and freezing conditions, as well as limited access to hot water.

Mark said he wouldn't even allow a dog to stay on the property in Willingdon Quay, Wallsend.

A former recycling worker is now facing the possibility of homelessness after he complained about the conditions and said he felt "trapped" in his hellhole apartment.

Mark, who had been out of work for several years due to chronic hip pain, told Chronicle Life : "I moved into what was actually an owner's store. I knew her condition because I complained a few times, and I was told things would get better.

He explained: “The humidity was everywhere — in the sitting room, my bedroom, in the kitchen.

” You could tell someone they tried to stick wallpaper on, but it quickly peeled off.

"There was a problem with drafts going through the property as well, meaning the weather was very cold during the winter. In the year Environmental Health assessed the property and sent Northumbrian Water to fix major sewage issues in the back driveway that were allowing rats to go up into the drains." To solve other issues. It's still too cold. Mark still doesn't feel safe in his basement apartment and
can't wash at home I.

Meanwhile, Environmental Health continues investigations into the property.

Mark said : "There is a bath, but the water comes out so slowly that by the time
you turn it on, it freezes again. I have to fly to my friend's house in South Shields for laundry. in the property. The lease expired in October 2021, and he has since obtained Section 21 – a written statement from the landlord notifying him that he must leave by February.

The North East Homeless charity is now trying to help Mark negotiate with his landlord and help him return to South Tyneside, he said. K. The process is not easy, because until recently he was still paying the rent he owed to a former council apartment in South Tyneside.

In March, he got into trouble with the police for stopping the water supply.

He said, "Those two things put me back, so I feel trapped here, as if there is no way out. It's just too awful and I can't save money to have a place of my own. ., which is not good for his dignity or health.

"We are working with South Tyneside Council to get him housing, but it is not a quick process."] Mold and dampness covering Mark's apartment "height="640" width="960" class="lazyload" data-src="" data-credit="NCJMedia" data- data-img="" data- src="data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 1.5 1"%3E%3C/svg%3E"/>


Mould and Wet Cover Flat Mark Credit: NCJMedia
  Mark complained about conditions and is now facing eviction


Mark complained about conditions and is now facing eviction Credit: NCJMedia
Our damp apartment is so cold we have to live in our coats – I wake up every morning To find rooms full of puddles

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