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Super-organised mum’s ‘insane’ shoe cupboard divides the internet

WE ALL dream of having a shoe collection worthy of any celeb-style wardrobe with an array of perfectly organised trainers, heels and flats.

But this is a reality for one woman who showed off her “insane” shoe storage system and people can’t get over the excessive amount of trainers she has.

A woman's massive shoe collection completely dived the internet


A woman’s massive shoe collection completely dived the internetCredit: Facebook

“This is the process of my shoe organisation,” she wrote on Facebook alongside a mesmerising snap of her collection.

Her DIY cupboard is made up of at least 130 plastic shoe containers all perfectly stacked, which she picked up from eBay.

Looking through the transparent containers you can see that most contain a different pair of trainers, mostly pricey brands such as Adidas and Nike.

Her post caught the attention of thousands who shared, liked and commented on the post – with very mixed opinions.

Many people were impressed while others thought it was excessive


Many people were impressed while others thought it was excessiveCredit: Facebook

While many drooled over the impressive collection, others questioned the “sanity” of owning so many shoes, admitting they only over a handful.

“Wtf that’s insane! I dunno if it’s cool or stupid – why do you need so many shoes?” asked one.

Another added: “I find this so over the top, just the shoeboxes would cost a fortune, let alone the cost of the shoes and the inability to wear them all.”

“That’s awesome. But it would also drive me crazy, I’m a minimalist who lives in a caravan so I have one pair of heels, two pairs of sneakers, slides, and a pair of boots, work shoes and two pairs of dressy flats. And even that may be too many,” said a third.

I find this so over the top, just the shoeboxes would cost a fortune, let alone the cost of the shoes and the inability to wear them all.

Anonymous Facebook user

But the storage system impressed some with one person writing: “Your shoe collection is so awesome.”

“This collection is incredible and I’m super envious that you can fit so many styles,” a second added.

While a third wrote: “How great is this, so satisfying.”

Others agreed the amount of shoes was excessive with one woman even suggesting she donate some to charity.

“When I travelled through Africa I would have loved to have been able to give away even half the amount of these shoes to children and adults who had none,” she said.

Meanwhile, one joked: “Next time my hubby tells me I have too many shoes I’ll show him this.”

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And a wife asks for storage advice but is slammed for her ‘gross’ hallway and VERY large shoe collection.

Meanwhile, a cleaning expert shares three simple ways to keep trainers smelling fresh – all you need is some dry shampoo.

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