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Woman has stomach removed after psychic predicted she would die

Rebecca says weight loss has completely changed her life (Photo: Rebecca Wilkinson/SWNS)

A woman traveled to Turkey for major surgery and lost over 16 years and – half a stone after That a psychiatrist told her she would die without violent action.

Rebecca started gaining weight as a teenager and then put on nearly 10 stones in two years after she got pregnant at the age of 18. Chocolates, chips, sweets and liters from Lucozad.

Rebecca weighed 28 lbs.

But after years of trying different diets, she couldn't change weight, until her trip to a psychic "scared" her into action.

Rebecca began gaining weight as a teenager, especially after she became pregnant at age 18 (Photo: Rebecca Wilkinson/SWNS)

Psychiatrist Rebecca told she had "no future" if she continued to eat Unhealthily, she told her to "do whatever it takes or you die". The warning started her weight loss journey and she booked a flight to Antalya, Turkey for the surgery. This means that you cannot eat as much food as possible before the surgery and you will feel full sooner. It is a major operation and comes with a wide range of health risks including death from complications. Down to 12 lbs. Gave her a wake-up call (Photo: Rebecca Wilkinson/SWNS)

"During a visit to my psychiatrist, he scared me and pushed him into action. He said he didn't see 'life' for me on the cards. And surgery was the only way. The weight had gone down after my gastrectomy – It changed my life.” she says.

I was bullied so hard. I'd start the day with four pieces of buttered toast, and if I'm a mid-morning connoisseur, I'll easily repeat this. . '

At school, she was bullied because of her weight causing her anxiety (Photo: Rebecca Wilkinson/SWNS)

With her weight rising, Rebecca struggled with her mental health and suffered from anxiety and depression. She was in,” she says. “I wouldn't leave the house without my mom or fiancé by my side. I even had people cheering me on from passing cars. She was ready to give up until she saw a psychiatrist. Several diets over the years but no results (Photo: Rebecca Wilkinson/SWNS)

"The way he knew how to eat and "hibernate" afterwards. I left reading crying, but it was important to do. 'or a tube leading to the intestines.] Rebecca after surgery " class="wp-image-15891534"/>

Rebecca hopes to go for another procedure to remove the excess skin (Photos: Rebecca Wilkinson/SWNS)

Rebecca continues: “My mom came with me and was a great support.

Things went well but it was hard to adjust to My new diet. Now I can only eat small amounts every two hours – like Babybel or a little protein like salmon steak.. The weight has gone off on me – it has been amazing.”

Rebecca says she hopes to return to Turkey for another skin removal procedure. overload.

” I gave up, she adds.

“I enjoy long walks, going out and socializing, something I never imagined would be possible.

“Most importantly, I am able to move around and live without pain. I hope losing weight will help my fertility and having another baby. It changed my life.”

If you are concerned about your weight, talk to your doctor to see what options are best for you. Surgical procedures always carry risks, and other alternatives should be considered first.

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